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About AHO - Africa Health Organisation


To protect health in Africa

AHO was founded in 1999 in Harare Zimbabwe by Graciano Masauso, a kidney patient attending dialysis at Ward B6 Renal at Parirenyatwa Hospital after experiencing hardships associated with lack of dialysis services. A group of patients from across the region of Southern Africa and central, east and west Africa met in Harare.

Africa Health Organisation England (AHO England) was established on 16 January 2009 in Norwich. AHO England has two remits, to raise funds and support AHO health and social care projects in Africa and supporting Africans in England accessing NHS health and social care. Our first work started in April 2009 in Norwich when we won a contract from Norwich NHS to provide chlamydia screening for 16-24 year olds in Norwich. Since the, we have been working to prevent illness and promote health. Currently, we are running projects on HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention, Mental Health support and Dieabetes awareness. We plan to diversify our income by engaging in trading activities such as running shops in England. We are planning our first shop to be in Norwich by December 2015. In 2016, our srvices will expand to London, Manchester, Coventry, Birmingham and Lutton.

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My family is poor and we don't have money to pay for dialysis. When I haerd of AFREKID, I contacted them and within two days, they invited me to meet them. Since then, I have been having dialysis without problem. Their service is excellent.

- Taka Muroyi / Service User, Zimbabwe

AHO supports people who are most in need. Without them, many people would die without hope of having a new lease of life. They supported me through my transplant process. They have a human touch.

- Olumide Okwe / Service User , Nigeria

We are committed to excellent & complete patient care

Health care

Health care is the cornerstone of what we do to improve every aspect of patient care. We work to improve disease prevention and early diagnosis through to better end of life care. We support healthcare professionals to implement new guidelines and standards and we support patients and their carers to live life to the full.

Early diagnosis

Early diagnosis is an essential part of our work as we encourage people to see help eary and improve the outcome of their treatment. We are mordernising diagnosis tools across Africa to the international standards such as CT scan, ultra sound scan, x-ray equipment and laboratories. .

Medical research

We are the leading organisation dedicated to the research that will lead to better treatments and cures for diseases in Africa. Medical research is a new area in Africa and we are working in partnership with governments and other agencies in the field to establish research centres across Africa.

Excellence in treatment

  Excellence in treatment in Africa entails better care everytime everytime. AHO is at the forefront of this development to ensure every person who needs treatment has access at the point of need. We want to ensure there is treatment for everyone in Africa at the point of need, regardless of their status.