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Africa Health Lottery

Africa Health Lottery

Play and Win £25,000 for health in Africa

Join our brand new weekly lottery and support Africa Health Organisation (AHO).

Every time you play, you will help provide a vital and regular source of income to support health in Africa as well as giving you the chance to win £25,000 each week!


How it works

For just £1 per week you will be allocated with a six digit lottery number, selected at random, which will remain yours for as long as you wish to keep playing. You can purchase more than one number if you wish.

Every Saturday, the lucky winners are selected at random and prize cheques are issued and posted directly to you, so there is no need for you to claim. Winners have to match three, four, five or all six digits of the winning number in the correct place in the sequence.

To enter the Africa Health Lottery, complete the online direct debit form (If you have problems with Mozilla Firefox, use other browsers such as Google Chrome). Or print this form, complete it and post it back to us.

If you would like any further information regarding the Africa Health Lottery you can get in touch with us at lottery@aho.org.uk.


Why play Africa Health Lottery?

Your weekly participation in our lottery is incredibly important to us. With 50p of every £1 entry coming directly to us, you will be able to help our work in Africa to:

  • * perform sight-restoring cataract operations
  • * buy life-saving, insecticide-treated mosquito nets
  • * build children's hospitals and specialist centres
  • * buy vaccine cold boxes to keep life-saving vaccines effective
  • * fund vital life-saving research into better treatments of childhood cancer to increase survival rates
  • * buy bicycle ambulances to help pregnant women in rural areas reach life-saving health services

What is Africa Health Lottery?

Africa Health Organisation (AHO) will receive profits directly from the number of lottery players we recruit, so we need your support. For every £1 entry 50p comes directly to us as profit.

Every Saturday, the lucky winners are selected at random. Winners have to match three, four, five or all six digits of the winning number in the correct place in the sequence:

Six digits in the correct place wins £25,000

Five digits in the correct place wins £1,000

Four digits in the correct place wins £25

Three digits in the correct place wins £5

Meaning you have a one in 63 chance of winning a prize

The winning numbers will be published online


You must be 16 or over to enter and



The promoter of this lottery is Africa Health Organisation (AHO)

Licensed by Norwich City Council - Registration No: 17/01196/LOTT

The Africa Health Lottery is managed by Unity Lottery


Get Involved

Patient Association

Africa Patient Association is essential to the life of AHO and patients. All patients are encouraged to join a local patient association. Why are patient association important? This is where we communicate our policies with patients.

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Join AHO and enjoy the benefits of memberships. As a member, you have full access to patient resources, patient support fund, insurance policy, travel support, social fund and others. To join, please contact your local association.

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Health Social Fund

AHO has established a health social fund to support patients who can not afford treatment.Most treatment is very expensive e.g. dialysys costing US$250 per session and three sessions per week is US$750 which is unaffordable by most people.

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E.E.P. programme

Our famous programme for kidney patients, healthcare professionals and carers is Empowerment and Expert Programme (EEP). The programme empowers patients and professionals to work together for better outcomes.

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Information, Advice & Guidance


From the moment you are diagnosed, you have to know that you have a friend that will walk with you throughout the journey. Your doctor will tell you if there is suspected illness and may refer you to a specialist. Once tests and checks are done and confirmed, you will put on dialysis. We will be here for you.

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Transplant Patients

Transplant gives a new lease of life. Once all tests have done, psychological assessment passed and a donor has been identified, the transplant team will recommend that the process goes ahead. After transplant you will receive support and information about anti-rejection medication and a new life. We will support you all the way.

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Safety & Security

Patient safety and security are our first priority. AHO ensures that when patients visit our centres, are are safe and are treated with respect. Patients are encouraged to evaluate risks when they leave home and issues they may encounter on their way to dialysis. Follow advice you are given by healthcare professionals.

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Non-Smoking, Tobacco-Free

All our premises are smoke-free and if you are visiting us, please respect this rule. Smoking is also not good for your health especially if you have cardiovascular conditions and kidney disease. Speak to your doctor or one of our advisers on how to to quit and the support we provide to people considering quiting.

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